David Quinn

A follower of the Infinite



I am a highly logical thinker who spends his days immersing himself in the Infinite.    My aim in life is to awaken as many people as possible to this marvellous reality, which I sometimes call God or Tao.   

Although I am not part of any religion, I consider the great wise men of the past to be my spiritual brothers and colleagues - Socrates, Diogenes, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Jesus, Nagarjuna, Huang Po, Chuang Tzu, Hakuin, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche,  Eckhart, and Weininger.    If it were not for these fearless men, and those like them, the human race would be in total darkness.


-- My Literary Output --

Genius Realms- A new blog site devoted to stimulating people's minds with deeper forms of logic and unusual lines of thought.   It features possibly my best writings so far.

Wisdom of the Infinite - An incisive book that rivals Chuang Tzu and Nagarjuna at their best.  It begins with an examination of cause and effect and ends with an analysis of emptiness.    It takes the reader's mind deep into the Infinite.

Woman: An Exposition for the Advanced Mind-  A full-frontal look at the psychology of women (and men).   Not for the faint-hearted.

Genius News-  A magazine series that features the best philosophical discussions from Genius Forum and Genius-L.    Plenty of Zennish wisdom, memorable quotes, inspired passages from past sages, and thought-provoking cartoons.   Co-created with Dan Rowden.

Life and Death Magazine -  A satirical magazine put out by the Society for the Elimination of all Truth. 

Cow Te Ching- An improved version of the Tao Te Ching.   Deals with the fundamental taboo that Lao Tzu balked at.

The Book of Wife- A humorous look at marriage, from a philosopher's perspective. 

Letters Between Enemies- Correspondence between the renowned sage, Kevin Solway, and myself.   Focuses on the personal side of the philosophic life.   Spiritual dialogue at its finest.

Ne Plus Ultra- A fracas involving my expulsion from the Ne Plus Ultra forum by a hysterical mob of academic intellectuals.

Larkin Debate - A formal debate that was ostensibly about the nature of enlightenment, but turned into a fascinating psychological drama.   Features plenty of insights into human psychology.  



  A short biographical sketch of myself (including photos) can be found here. 

Contact me: ozricweininger@gmail.com


-- Essential links --

The Thinking Man's Minefield. - The greatest writings of the human race collected on a single website.  Countless explosions of wisdom and powerful thought-stimulants, guaranteed to induce much merriment or great fear.    Compiled by Kevin Solway.   

Genius Forum  - Free-flowing discussions on genius, wisdom, enlightenment, and truth without the baggage of political correctness. 

Quality Posts - This section archives some of the better contributions posted to Genius Forum over the last couple of years.   Some of these posts are packed with original ideas; others are dripping with timeless wisdom; yet others are fearless in confronting the sacred cows of society.     These are dangerous writings by passionate, intelligent people.       


Injustice and filth are cast at the solitary: but, my brother, if you would be a star, you must shine upon them nonetheless! 


-- Great Thinkers --

The following are some of the greatest spiritual and philosophic writings of history.  To honour these magnificent works, I have designed simple, uncluttered sites which are conducive to meditation and thinking.  Kevin Solway's "Poison  for the Heart" is the only exception. 

     Friedrich Nietzsche  -In my opinion, "Thus Spake Zarathustrais Nietzsche's deepest and most inspired work.    

     Soren Kierkegaard - An incredibly profound thinker who reached far beyond the confines of the Christianity around him.

     Hakuin -  Deadly wisdom expounded with great heart. 

     Diogenes - An irreverent Zennish character who lived a good thousand years before Zen was invented.  

     Jesus -  Observe what every Christian ignores about Jesus at all costs.

     Chuang Tzu - The child-like sage of ancient China with a lethal tongue.

     Kevin Solway - "Poison for the Heart" is one of the clearest expositions of wisdom ever written. 

     Various Buddhist Sages - The sermons of Gautama Siddhartha, Bodhidharma, Huang Po, Shantideva, Nagarjuna, Hui Neng, and Yung-chia Hsuan-chueh. 


-- Other Stimulating Links --

New Testament (the International Version, non-denominational)  - An excellent, straightforward translation of the New Testament.

The Devil's Dictionary - A very funny work by Ambrose Bierce, a rare American thinker. 

The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde - Not a sage, but a stimulating thinker nonetheless.   Full of wit and psychological insight.

New Scientist - Keep up-to-date with the latest scientific advances.  

I Hate Women - A site created by a regular bloke with a conscience.    The focus is not so much on the gaining of wisdom, but on addressing the many perplexities that arise from the existence of women.    The title, of course, is ironical.


 -- Philosophy CDs --

The Thinking Man's CD-Rom  - contains dozens of quality books of wisdom, poetry, quotations and humour, fourteen hours of the radio show, The Hour of Judgment, featuring Kevin Solway, David Quinn and Dan Rowden, many hours of stimulating classical music, and much more.  

Weininger Resources CD-Rom - contains all of Ottto Weininger's major writings, plus many books about Weininger written by others.  Also contains related works by Henrik Ibsen,  Immanual Kant, Soren Kierkegaard, and Ludwig Wittgenstein.   

German-English Bilingual Dictionary CD-Rom - early 1900's - perfect for translating Nietzsche, Weininger, Schopenhauer, and other German authors of the 19th century.


-- The End --