Soren Kierkegaard

(1813 -1855)

Soren Kierkegaard is easily one of the deepest thinkers in all history.   The courage with which he faced the daunting realities of the spiritual path is a marvel to behold.   Although he primarily used the language of Christianity to articulate his thoughts, it would be a mistake to place him in the same category as other Christians.    He is no closer to the average Christian than he is to the average Buddhist or atheist.    His conception of Christianity is frightening and utterly mind-blowing and should always be approached with care.



Assorted Remarks and Observations

This collection comprises some of Kierkegaard's most powerful thoughts on the spiritual path, which I culled from a compilation work called Provocations, and also from Kevin Solway's woman compilation. I doubt that a more potent collection of Kierkegaard material has ever been put together.


The Banquet

Kierkegaard's beautifully written analysis of women.    Timeless, magnificent, profound! 



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