Quality Posts

This section archives some of the better contributions posted to Genius Forum over the last couple of years.   Some of these posts are packed with original ideas; others are dripping with timeless wisdom; yet others are fearless in confronting the sacred cows of society.     These are dangerous writings by passionate, intelligent people.  


- Contents - 


Hu Zheng - assorted posts


Sue Hindmarsh - assorted posts


Marsha Faizi - the early years

- Daring to be an Individual

- On Being Creative

- The Masculine Woman

- On the Leap of Faith

- On Knowing the Self

- On the Feminine Enjoyment of being Penetrated

- On Love

- On the Act of Deferring

- On Future Progress as a Species


Observations on the Spiritual Path 

- "My Future" by Mattyo

- "Observations" by Matt Gregory

- "The Falseness of the View that Every View is False" by David Quinn

- "Intellect and Enlightenment" by Kevin Solway

- "The Role of Lying in the Life of Truth" by David Quinn

- "Some Repulsive Aspects of Academic Philosophy" by David Quinn

- "Academic Philosophy" by Matt Gregory

- "The Problem With Using Pseudonyms on the Net" by Kevin Solway

- "Reason Has No Limits" by Dan Rowden

- "Observations on Karma" by Kevin Solway

- "The Motivations of a Buddha" by David Quinn

- "Observations" by Bryan McGilly


The Psychology of Men and Women

- "Observations on Women" by Kevin Solway

- "Murdering Women's Souls for Sexual Pleasure" by David Quinn

- Banter With "Foxylaytheee"


Quantum Theory and Causation


Observations by Other Thinkers 

- "The Rotation of Crops - A Venture in a Theory of Social Prudence" by Soren Kierkegaard

- "In the Holes of Lotus Threads" - Hakuin

- Otto Weininger on the Nature of Comedy


David Quinn's Home Page