Expulsion from Ne Plus Ultra

A clash between spiritual thinking and academia

Sun, Dec 14, 2003 - Thurs, Jan 8, 2004

Ne Plus Ultra is a discussion board which bills itself as an exclusive, invitation-only forum for highly intelligent, creative people.   Unfortunately, when I was there, it was neither intelligent nor creative enough to cope with profound spiritual issues.    Amid much frenzy, I was charged with promoting socially-unacceptable ideas and browbeating a 19-year-old woman. I lasted just over three weeks.

The incident was interesting on a number of levels, particularly as it yielded some deep insights into the psychology of academic intellectuals with high IQs – that is to say, of MENSA types. Sadly, they quickly closed the forum to outsiders in the aftermath of kicking me off and are now hiding behind closed doors. Only registered members can have access and judge for themselves what really went on. However, I have managed to obtain a copy of the incident and can present it here in its entirety.
I have also written an essay which analyses the psychology of the academic intellectual, using the incident at Ne Plus Ultra as a reference point.
David Quinn


Discussion at Ne Plus Ultra: "The Nature of Genius"

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Essay: "The Limitations of Academic Intelligence" by David Quinn


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