I was born in 1976, in Albury, Australia.  I had a normal working-class Christian upbringing.  I was the third of four children, and was closer to my two brothers.  We lived at AM radio stations 2CO (Corowa) and 2GL (Glen Innes).  It was a practical upbringing, and my parents instilled in me a respect for finding good solutions, and inventiveness.  I also learnt how closely related, and how devastating, are the Christian values of love and anger.

Growing up, I dreamt of becoming a dramatic musician artist, like Wagner, Mozart, or Handel.  I did well at school and university (music, italian, design), but because of the clash between my idealism and mainstream society, I began to have nervous breakdowns in my early twenties.   At that point, I explored sex and intimate relationships, and in 2003 was stimulated by the example of a friend who was enthusiastic about idealism and intellectualising philosophically about reality.   This relationship led me to the solitary path of reason, dropping-out of society to find out how to live wisely.   In 2003, I became celibate, living alone, fully dedicated to the philosophical path.

The following texts were of great benefit to me:

I have no doubt their spirit (the effects) will continue for centuries.

From 2005 to 2016, my income was the disability pension, because I found my commitment to an absolute immersion in understanding the nature of Reality disabled me for employment in a classical sense, though I was fully immersed in philosophical work.   I was found to have a schizotypal personality, in contrast to the more common schizotypoid personality, and my views to be so odd as to be regarded as psychotic (schizophrenic).  From 2014, I decided to take some time off philosophical interactions in order to build a small (legal) shelter.   And, in 2017, I found it necessary to deal with deeper psychological blockages by choosing no longer to be celibate, and to explore sex and intimate relationships again.   I have found my life has taken some new turnings, but the underlying purpose remains unchanged.  My purpose in life is to help people awaken to Nature.