My views on women

By Kelly Jones
Apprentice of these ideas





This exposition of the premier religion of humans is simple and direct.  It is no game.   I haven't the time to waste on pretty words and padding.  The worship of Woman is a serious problem, because just about everyone denies it.  Solutions cannot be offered for social problems unless they are recognised.

Woman is a symptom of a serious disease: the worship of unconsciousness.  I will not stop using the word 'Woman' to represent unconsciousness, because women generally display unconsciousness most strongly.

Unconsciousness means, living obliviously, lacking in reflection, not thinking, and the like.  Women display unconsciousness in the way they lack internalised, persistent values, and in their go-with-the-flow behaviour, that is driven by emotions, sensations, and anything in their environment.

I remind the reader this is not a game.  I am not aiming to tease, whine, shock, or be satirical.  It is not complicated.  I am telling reality as it is.  The reality is: to be truthful, one needs to be conscious.  So if women are unconsciousness as I say they are, then they are organic liars.   Think about it.

There is a chance that women can become conscious. It is when men first stop worshipping Woman, who is the carefree, ethereal, otherworldly figment of their own psychology.  They must leave women alone.  For only then, women, who embody Woman most strongly, will be allowed to grow-up and leave the cage of unthinking, and only then can we have hope for the future.

I title this 'Atheist Memoirs' because I am an atheist. An atheist knows for certain that a personal, eternal God, is impossible. Furthermore, an atheist does not worship any Gods, including Woman.  I am female and show that there is a chance that a woman can become conscious, but let no one imagine it is easy.  Becoming conscious is a deliberate and conscious decision to know Ultimate Truth, applied constantly, day after day.  It is an act of individual will, not a group activity.  And women are group entities, who are not happy in solitude or capable of resisting peer pressure like a man is, so consciousness comes hardly to women.

Being female does not qualify one to explain Woman; women are only interested in their own status within a group.  Only atheism qualifies one to speak about the worship of any gods, because they have no distorting conflict of interest.



© Kelly Jones 2008