3. Woman, #1 God

This chapter exposes the dominant object of worship in the entire history of humankind: Woman.


Foreword: To promote freedom of thought

Freedom of thought is helped along by encouraging people to think for themselves.  It is not helped by running with a group and submitting to opinions of the 'public'.  Freedom of thought comes when one abandons egotistical needs, like the need to belong, the need for support, the need for affection.  Freedom of thought is free; it is not dogmatic, and attached to something.  It is conscious, being open to the boundlessness of the Infinite.

Just to remind the reader, atheism is without God, or God-less.  Atheism is the reasoned and certain stance that no personal, eternal God exists.  No, it goes further, and reasons that no things exist inherently, since all are causes, and causation eliminates inherent boundaries.  So, atheism has no attachment.  This is the definition for the highest ideality.   Therefore, attachment of any kind cannot be commensurate with atheism.  Who then can rightly claim to be an atheist?

I now describe the psychological traits in humans that stand in diametric opposition to reason, thought, truthfulness, consciousness, and non-attachment.  I label these traits 'Woman', because women generally express them most clearly.



By 'Woman', I mean a psychological entity, rather than a biological organism.  'Woman' doesn't refer to the total population of all females, in the way 'Man' is sometimes used to refer to all humans.  I'm talking about a specific psychological ideal.  'Man' is also used in this way, to describe the psychological entity that expresses all masculine qualities.

'Woman' is really a psychological archetype.  But where Jung balanced the anima and animus, like yin and yang are balanced in the Tao, the psychological entity 'Woman' is definitely not balanced by 'Man'.  'Woman' is embodied by generally all females, and by males to a lesser degree, and in a different way; 'Man', or the body of masculine psychology, is hardly present in human society at all.

So, I am talking about something abstract, which is expressed very clearly in virtually every human's behaviour, speech, choices, drives, and values.  'Woman' is the essence of feminine psychology, embodied by most females, and, as I see it, the object of most males, who nevertheless also embody feminine psychology.

My views are not misogynistic, because I am all for the emancipation of women from unconsciousness.  I realise my views are uncommon, but my tone is not aggressive.  I am just trying to get people to recognise something that is seriously overlooked, and rarely seen for what it is.

I am not speaking about sexuality, which is the sex one has sexual desire for.

Also, I am not speaking about gender, which is how the sexes are socially organised.  I would be, if gender were extended to how an individual thinks, regardless of society.  Hermits still express, or orient to, Woman.

I am speaking about deeply-embedded psychological drives, that are expressed in one's character, personality, and values.   I will refer to it as sexual character, for convenience.


Getting to know your enemy: Woman

Woman is a complex God.  Every human worships Her devotedly, except the enlightened individual.  In order to see how this religion plays out, we have to understand exactly what Woman is.  This is not easy, given Her ethereal, otherworldly, and seductive persona.  She is a slippery thing, that prefers best not to be known precisely.  She is coy, as well as a pathological liar.  We must be direct, determined, and clear about this.  If we begin to waver in our goal, then we will never grasp what Woman is.

To understand Woman, a good place to start is women, who embody Her best since they all strive for the ultimate goal of expressing Woman in their every action.

Woman has two main attributes: the Mother, and the Prostitute.


A.   Mother

The Mother is the Creator of all things, so all things are her subjects and descendants.  She looks down on all as the mirror reflecting her creativity.  Everything else is like a child to Her great motherliness.  The Mother flows along like a stream, with great calm and safety, because everything is in debt to her.  For, as feminine psychology dictates, She has given life to All.

Women who are expressing the Mother assume a mother role to everything and everyone.  They 'channel' the right to tell everyone how to behave, even the lettuce growing in the backyard.  Hence we get the elderly matron who chastises and moralises; the bright and all-charming hostess, who is taking everyone's temperature, minding tempers, and seeing that everyone likes her spread; the toddler who tyrannises her father, ordering him around as her own devoted servant; the girlfriend or spouse, who demands Her man do what is right - namely, her will.

Obviously, the clearest, simplest expression of females embodying the Mother, is mothers.  So we frequently hear childless females saying they desperately want children.  Sterile women, or those having difficulty becoming pregnant, who are driven by the Mother obsession, are literally so depressed by their childless lives that they become suicidal.  This is not uncommon.  And in turn, mothers are usually regarded by most females as being fulfilled, powerful, and happy.   Do I need to mention the number of women who want bigger breasts (organs of suckling young), and a thin waist (indication of the ability to be impregnated).  Women are deeply driven by the Mother obsession.  But this obsession is not wholly accurate: women do not wish to have children, but to appear to have children.  Women do not like children, they only like their own in relation to the woman-next-door's children, because they are her neighbour's.  It is a status thing.  Children are a visible sign of Her, like a rosary.

The Mother knows everything intuitively and instantly, because she is highly tuned to the emotions and moods of those around Her.  Women who dabble in the New Age, or Occult, are the extreme expression of this aspect of the Mother.  But the average woman is also much practised at picking up emotional signals; and so we have mostly female telemarketers, customer service officers, nurses, toddler carers, animal psychologists, and mediators.  There are usually a few short, sweet-looking female police officers standing in the line of crowd riot controllers.  Women generally express the Mother more consistently than men, but some men express the Mother in the same way.   So we have motherly males who are staff managers, doctors, psychologists, social workers, priests, environmentalists, patriarchs, cult leaders, and so on.

Typically, men worship the Mother more distantly.  The most obvious orientation to the Mother by men is evidenced by how very rare it is to find a man who hates his mother.  Other examples of Mother worship by men are: instinctively cowing to an indignant, moralising woman; wanting a female to look after him when ill or elderly; attraction to a soft-bosomed chirpy female who knits jumpers, offers him a cup of tea with biscuits, and laughs at his jokes; preferring social gatherings with females present; and so forth.  More subtly, men worship Mother by sacrificing their lives as workers for society, which is essentially the same as a son doing the chores.  Notice, father has to do the chores as well; it is not for Father, that men go to war, fight fires, go down into mines, or rescue people in dangerous situations.  The managing of society brings its perks, but all the hard work is for the benefit of women and children.  Namely, to create a happy household, which is the ruling platform and queendom of Mother.


B - a.   Prostitute

The Prostitute is the other main aspect of Woman.   This also, paradoxically, includes the virgin: the innocent, sexless girl-child.

Woman the Prostitute is the ultimate seductress, infinitely interesting, and constantly on the look-out for new tempting poses.  She is ever-changing, spontaneous, mystifying; now teasing, now confusing.  Her raison d'etre is to beguile, in order to entrap forever.  And entrap she does, for only the enlightened sees through Her.  True professional prostitutes do not alone manifest Prostitute, because just as all women play Mother, so, all women are just as capable of playing Prostitute.  For example, females who want to get ahead in life are keen Prostitutes, even if they aren't actually sluts.  They flirt with everyone who shows masculine character, so as to increase their domain of powerful defenders and supporters.  Towards other females, the Prostitute is a horrible creature, without morals or sympathy.  Women who express the Prostitute are as skilled in lying as Mothers are in picking up moods.  But where the Mother is self-righteous and over-powering in her claim to your obedience, the Prostitute is cunning and murderous towards the resistant.

Where the Mother is a somewhat noble ruler, whose best profile is the embodiment of pure ideals, like Justice, Wisdom, Compassion, Modesty, and Patience, and whose worst is Hysteria, Provincialism, Thatcherism, Frigidity, and Long-windedness, the Prostitute's sense of order and government is criminal.  She doesn't dictate, she manipulates.  So we get female stalkers, gossipers, teenage cat-fights, passive-aggressive wives, lack of good-will in lesbian communities, long-standing feuds between feminists, anorexia mirabilis, and the female social agitator whose main achievement is to get together a diverse group of women, so as to attract some problem-solving men to deal with her problem.

But the main expression of the Prostitute in females is their complete obsession with sex.  It is their underlying priority, driving everything they do.  The physical act of sexual intercourse is only one of the ways females have sex.  Orgasm is psychological; physical intercourse is not necessary for a female to orgasm.  Females arouse themselves purely by imagination.  They are very practised at this, since everything in the environment is a sexual stimulus.   This is the other side of the Mother's emotional in-tunedness.  The Prostitute is sensually in-tuned.  Her physical being is connected to all things, with Her as the live-wire nucleus.

I've thought quite a lot about what exactly a female is trying to communicate during sex.  Most females don't speak coherently during orgasm, so it is a matter of tuning-into the 'music' of her sighs and moans.  What she is saying is this:

We've got to get ME to reach X, now!

This also expresses the basic thrust of the Prostitute's life.  It is all about her, but there is no clear purpose what she is trying to attain.  That is exactly what Woman is, a vague superlative something-or-other.  Thus, even when go-getting females have enraptured everyone with their drive and energy, it amounts to nothing.  Celebrity life is the best indication of the Prostitute mentality.  It is aimless, unlimited desire.  Being aimless, the celebrity never knows how to satisfy that desire, so they frequently resort to drugs to escape their timeless hell.

How men orient to the Prostitute need not be covered, for it is blatantly obvious how enthralled they are.


B - b.   Virgin

Earlier, I mentioned the virgin, as part of the Prostitute mentality.  Some may think the The Virgin is part of the Mother, or an entirely distinct aspect on its own.  I place the Virgin at the core of Woman, but arrived at through the Prostitute, for this reason:

The Virgin is everything that stirs humanity up into defence mode.  It is the ultimate flirt.  Where the Prostitute solicits for sensual gratification, the Virgin solicits for unconsciousness itself.  It solicits for the opportunity to go-with-the-flow; not have to think about anything; submit to the dictates of nature, others, sensations, emotions, and really just about anything in the environment; be innocent of everything; and transcend all things.  The Virgin is the pure girl-child, happy and spontaneous, changing with every moment, having no responsibilities, and able to do as she pleases without concern about ramifications.

The Virgin is really the essence of Woman.  This may seem overly poetic, but when it comes to psychological traits, the only way to describe them is as personalities.  Mental habits take on a life of their own.  And some traits gang-up with others, to form super-personalities, or dominant traits.  Thus, the Virgin is the dominant trait of Woman.

The Virgin is exactly the same in character as that of consciousness within the womb.  We all carry vague memories of that embryonic state of consciousness.  It lingers in the minds of all humans after birth.  It is our 'original home', and carries feelings of intense, primitive familiarity.   The state of consciousness that is the Virgin, has that innocence, purity, flowieness, and deep relaxation, where the world is a blur of colour and sensation.  It is the same as embryonic consciousness.

So humans have an instinctive love for the Virgin, and virginal people, such as children.

There is one other main aspect of the Virgin to describe, which accounts for its fascination.


B - b - i.   The psychology of submission

The Virgin is fascinating to analyse, because she is a lie.  The more she attracts you, the more free from desire she seems.  It looks like a paradox, and is worth explaining.

To start with, no one is ever psychologically or emotionally a virgin, in the sense of not having any sexual desire, except perhaps a baby.  Only those who on thinking find the nature of Ultimate Truth to be not-finite, and who on finding no things in existence remove the seeds of desire from themselves, can be said to be truly and consciously virginal.  Everyone else experiences some degree of sexual desire.   Thus, the apparent sexlessness of the Virgin is an illusion.

How She seems more pure and attractive, the more one desires Her, works like this:

The Virgin is the will to unconsciousness, but unconsciousness is submission.  It is submission to the force of consciousness, from inability to bear the weight of conceptual clarity.  Thinking is 'too hard' so the submitter resigns from the job.  However, taking the easy road of flowieness and oblivion is only permitted if others who are conscious will allow it.  This, however, the flowie person is willing to imagine.

In other words, whoever desires unconsciousness, and to be flowie, spontaneous, lacking in reflection, driven by emotions and anything in the environment, is actually indicating to others that it is permissible to imagine someone will ultimately take responsibility.  The psychology of submission dictates recklessness and shoddy thinking.

Ever notice how nothing interests a girl as much as listing mentally the boys interested in her, when and what happened on all her romantic dates, the gifts males have given her, the pick-up lines, methods that males have used to get her attention, in total: all the sexual activity in the world that focusses on her?  It's the chase for her sexual fulfilment.  The more interest people show in her, the more sure the girl feels that they will support her, so that she can flow effortlessly through life on their backs.  It is not quite effortless, of course.  But she wants it to look that way.  Ever see a woman sweat?  Rare, isn't it?

And actually, no one need ever bear the burden of thinking in this stronghold of irrationality.  If all the parties support each other, then there is no concept of a rude interruption.  Hence the importance of support.

As an aside, virginity doesn't end with the 'first time'.  The Virgin only begins to play in that carefree, spontaneous, simple, innocent groove, after losing virginity, because sexual desire creates her.  Having sexual intercourse is the sign she is supported and protected.  She then becomes more of a piglet, wallowing in a mud of dreams and wantonness.  The more others are attracted to her, and defend her right to be thoughtless and 'just a pretty face', the more she can.

In conclusion, the fascination of the Virgin is that the more you desire Her, the less conscious you are, and the more you enter into that pure realm of embryonic blur.  In the womb, there truly is 'no place like home', because the ability to make contrasts is lost.

We now look at how the Virgin enthralls the more conscious person, namely, the masculine-minded, who don't find it so easy to resign from the job of thinking.


B - b - ii.   The allure of fashion

A Virgin will be instinctively attractive to everyone because of Her performance of innocence, ie. embryonic consciousness.  But with generally every female performing Virgin, the supply outnumbers demand, so She can't enter the realm of abstraction where Virgin reigns most purely.  Each Virgin wants everyone to support Her.  She is conscious enough to gauge levels of support.

This is why women are into fashion.  They have to refresh interest in themselves as the vehicles of the Virgin.  The Virgin just doesn't function without vanity.

This also explains why fashion is completely random.  It cannot be predictable.  Rational rules would destroy the flowie-mindset.  When millions of flowies are trying to outdo each other in attracting supporters for their own performance of Virgin, the only rule is spontaneity.  The mechanics of fashion, if we can speak of any, is an entirely emotional, sensual, reckless, desire-driven institution.  It is all about attracting and distracting, triggering animal instincts, and pumping up hormones to catch sexual attenders.

Prepubescent females are clear specimens of using fashion's allure to embody the Virgin.  Their experiments with clothes, hairstyles, make-up, facial expressions, words, dance movements, hobbies, etc. are how they create an attractive home for sexual interest to reside in.  This process is not a consciously directed one; it is not as if they know why they are doing it.  Other girls are doing the same, parents and mentors are helping, and each girl herself feels interested in what she is becoming.  She is making an identity, which is ultimately the Virgin.  The paraphernalia, body language, and all the accessories, are adornments to sell the identity to others.  The more customers the girl gets, the more safe and complete she feels in Her submission into unconsciousness.

And just in case fashion and adornments don't distract the thinker, the Virgin has one final weapon: The Butterfly.


B - b - iii.   The Ultimate Weapon: The Butterfly

"I'm your private dancer,
a dancer for money,
I'll do anything you want me to do".

Let's face it: embryonic consciousness is idiotic.  It is more idiotic than idiotic.  It is intellectual suicide.  In the world today, do we need more unthinking?  Is having no brain at all a rational way to solve and prevent problems?  No, that's annihilation of problems, not resolution.

However, many people believe it's better to be free of thought.  So the Virgin attracts many.

But those whom the Virgin cannot enrol and enchant through her pure empty-headedness, She distracts using an otherworldly combination of Prostitutery: sacred trinkets, deep earth colours, 'wholesome' flashes of indigenous tit and pussy, jangling jewellery, sweet or head-boggling incense and perfumes, melodic conversation sprinkled with words like 'love', 'openness', 'sharing', 'community', 'compassion', 'nurturing', 'childhood', 'interconnectedness' and 'family'.   And she has wide-open eyes as hypnotic as a mirror, so you can reflect on yourself in Her.

For the rare soul who is not seduced by Virgin's fashions, there is the ultimate weapon: the Butterfly.

The Virgin who is safe in Her spiderweb of admirers seems to have attained the ultimate perfection.  She seems free of desire.  She is relaxed in herself.  She seems simple, pure, unworried, untroubled by thinking, and complete.  Everyone desires Her, so she transcends specific relationships, and appears to be emotionally or sexually 'free'.  So the Virgin's ultimate weapon, the Butterfly, is her mimicry of spiritual liberation.

But I am mistaken in populating the Virgin's spiderweb with plural admirers.  A woman only needs one admirer, for her to feel safe and relaxed.  As soon as she has caught anyone, who is slightly more conscious than her - an admirer - She is born.  She can stop thinking, because the admirer will protect and defend her from everything.  So, my apology: it only takes one admirer of a woman, for her to become a Virgin.

And if there is a potential admirer buzzing around, who is not quite captured by the sticky tangle of fashion, the Virgin resorts to the Butterfly.

The Butterfly is a light, transient, harmless, somewhat ethereal insect.  Its wings glow in the sun.  It doesn't bite.  It seems a friend of all the world.  It lives among the flowers, almost directly fed by the sun itself.  Living in the air, never touching the ground, the Butterfly seems almost a spirit - like a visitation from loving ancestors.   It is easy-going, taking everything as it comes, living in the moment: - a spontaneous thing of creation.  It seems to transcend everything in its calm bliss, flowing along with a summer's breeze.  In fact, the name for Butterfly in Scandinavian countries is the 'summerbird'.

In many cultures, the butterfly carries divine or feminine associations, or both.  Some of the words used to identify butterflies include:

  • psyche   (Greek, 'soul')
  • prajapati   (Sanskrit, the Hindu deity, meaning 'lord of creatures')
  • seilleann-d   (Scottish Gaelic, 'bee of God')
  • glyn byw   (Welsh, 'living coal')
  • mariposa   (Spanish, perhaps from 'la Santa Maria posa' = 'the Virgin Mary alights/rests')
  • paloma   (Ancient Spanish, 'dove')
  • mariavolavola   (Sardic, from Sardinia, as above)
  • sommerfugl   (Danish, 'summerbird')
  • babochka   (Russian, diminutive of 'baba' or 'babka' = 'woman')
  • dushichka   (Russian, regional dialects, derived from 'dusha' = 'soul')
  • kamama   (Russian, name given to a pretty girl)
  • hu-tieh   (Mandarin, a pun on 'tieh' = '70 years', ie. longevity. Also, young men in love)
  • chocho   (Japan, pun on young maidenhood or marital hapiness).
  • rama rama   (Indonesian, also Hindu for 'great lord')

The Butterfly comes close to being a psychological archetype for wisdom.  It seems attached to no thing, owning no thing, homeless, divinely nourished.  And, best yet, it comes from the worm through a seemingly magical process of transformation.  So, when the Virgin performs Butterfly, it is hard even for the sage to resist.

So it is no wonder that adults, with all their householder worries, are enchanted by the Virgin.  She is the expression of unconscious wisdom - total freedom in any environment, as free and as wild as causation itself.

And it is a total farce.  She is little more than a three-year-old, playing with dolls.  It is not rational, conscious behaviour.  The Butterfly-Virgin is not worthy of worship in the slightest.

So if you see a lovely woman reclining on a soft lounge or a patch of grass, whether in a billboard advertisement, an artwork, a pornographic magazine, or in real life, who seems for all the world to be the very embodiment of eternity, then you are witnessing a Virgin performing.

Christians, Muslims, Hindus and others worship an eternal, personal God.  It is their imaginary super-friend.  Atheists rightly point to this behaviour as delusional.  But the average atheist is a hypocrite, in worshipping an eternal, personal God - Woman - who is no less an illusion.  And, they do it for the same reason: to have a super-friend.



To close this chapter on how people worship Woman, a warning.  It is how the Mother, Prostitute, and Virgin interact.  In this closing statement, where I advise how to deal with the 'possessed', I am not speaking about helping individual females per se.  I am really just speaking about mental traits that appear in generally more rational individuals.  If you can see those traits arise, especially in yourself, then the advice may help you to drop the attachment.


The Mother is the skin and adornment of Woman, the outer shell.  Mother is the advertisement, justifier, defender, and moral outposts of Woman.  Mother is the strongman, so to speak, the brainless and brawny bodyguard.  Mothers cannot sustain the Virgin, because of their defensiveness, and so are easier to resist.  By clinging to a value system, Mothers are slightly more conscious than Virgins, and don't flow unless safe from attack, in which case Mothers become Virgins.  The Mother is the standard-bearer, and is therefore passive, uncreative, inflexible, and less conscious than the Prostitute.  It is not difficult overcoming the Mother, because of her passivity and parochialism.  She cannot swim in the ocean of the Infinite.  Her main weapon is brute force and appeals to pity.  The best way to encourage a person out of the Mother, is to be direct, simple and reasonable.  Try not to be swayed by her temptations of physical comfort, like a cuppa and bikkies.

The Prostitute is the body of Woman, the organism.  Prostitutes actively seek supporters, though sometimes in very subtle ways.  So She is the advertiser.  She can be highly intuitive in some fields, such as psychology, because of the need to seduce effortlessly.  She is also extremely determined, and has infinite resourcefulness.  It is more difficult dealing with the Prostitute, because she is cunning and more conscious than the Mother.  She loves to entice into slightly more complicated notions, always creating interest.  Again, the best way to encourage a person out of the Prostitute, is through simplicity and reason.  Do not use humour, as she loves to play games.

The Virgin is the personality, 'soul' and core idea of Woman.  Virgins exist in a childish dream-land, static, passive, and, as I keep saying, unconscious.  Her main weapon is her changing nature, that you cannot argue with, because it instinctively flows around all obstacles and continues on unawares.  She is as happy as the mentally disabled, because she is vacant of all thought.  Being a mostly heavenly creature, she is repulsed by hellish experiences, such as loneliness, anger, worry, and so forth.  There is very little that can be done with anyone residing in Virginal mindstates.  They simply don't want to be aware of anything outside their dream-land.  The world beyond terrifies them, so their thoughts snap off immediately on contact with it.


Postscript to the offended

I am suggesting to all people that women should discard their emotional relationships, families, friends, community networks, psychologists, and commiseration partners, and be alone with their thoughts.  I suggest women should not train their daughters and young friends to be sexual objects.   I suggest women should not indulge in catching husbands and friends, and in vanity and status-mongering.

I suggest women should stop whining about how difficult life is.  I suggest women should stop holding grudges and wallowing in self-pity.  I suggest women should experience the pain of loneliness, and witness quietly to themselves at first-hand their incompetence, weakness, and inadequacy, so they can recognise their own character, and take the necessary steps to change the situation for the better.

These shoulds are the most positive, compassionate, and sympathetic of all possible suggestions.  The only alternative suggestion is: continue to suffer unnecessarily.  Is this not the most sane thing to do - to show the path to the end of a hellish existence?

It can only benefit everyone if men leave women alone, to develop out of the cage of self-pity.  Stop holding hands.  If you do not make an effort today, you will only have doubled your burden for tomorrow.

Yes, these thoughts can be exhausting, but only reflect on the consequences of not confronting them......


Kelly Jones


The next chapter exposes with a little more detail the nature of Woman.  I hope this will help the reader to recognise the psychological symptoms in others and oneself, of the feminine mindset.