I was born in 1976, in Albury, Australia.  I had a normal working-class Christian upbringing.  I was the third of four children, and was closer to my two brothers.  We lived at AM radio stations 2CO (Corowa) and 2GL (Glen Innes).  It was a practical upbringing, and my parents instilled in me a respect for finding good solutions, and inventiveness.  I also learnt how closely related, and how devastating, are the Christian values of love and anger.

When I was eleven years old, I had a boyfriend, Malcolm Lancaster.  I had already developed an idealistic spirit, however, so I was hard to satisfy.  At school, I dreamt of becoming a dramatic musician artist, like Wagner, Mozart, or Handel.  I did well at school and university (music, italian, design), but because of the clash between my idealism and mainstream society, I began to have nervous breakdowns.

At that point, in my early twenties, I decided to sample sex and intimate relationships to see if mainstream society did provide keys to life, and to see if I was mistaken in pushing along in solitude. I doubted my first love because it had become corrupted by loneliness. Fortunately, in 2003, I met Rhett Hamilton, who showed strong enthusiasm for the spirit of idealism and the power of the mind. This prompted me to push myself along the solitary path of reason, dropping-out of society to find out how to live wisely.

The following texts were of great benefit to me:

I have no doubt their spirit (the effects) will continue for centuries.


I live alone, spending my days thinking, enjoying Nature, sometimes reading or programming.  My income is the disability pension (I deliberately allowed myself to be diagnosed as having a schizotypal personality, instead of a schizotypoid personality like most.  For a comparison, click here).  My purpose in life is to help people awaken to Nature.