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Sex and Character          [Under construction.]
by Otto Weininger

Preparatory Part: Sexual Diversity
  1.    "Men and Women"
  2.    Arrhenoplasm and Thelyplasm
  3.    Laws of Sexual Attraction
  4.    Homosexuality and Pederasty
  5.    Characterology and Morphology
  6.    Emancipated Women




Appendix: Additions and References

Main Part: The Sexual Types
  1.    Man and Woman
  2.    Male and Female Sexuality
  3.    Masculine and Feminine Consciousness
  4.    Natural Gifts and Genius
  5.    Natural Gifts and Memory
  6.    Memory, Logic, Ethics
  7.    Logic, Ethics, and the I
  8.    The I-Problem and Genius
  9.    Masculine and Feminine Psychology
  10.    Motherhood and Prostitution
  11.    Erotics and Aesthetics
  12.    The Essence of Woman and Her Meaning in the Universe
  13.    Judaism
  14.    Woman and Individuality