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Poison for the Heart



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To conserve religion

The Truth does not become more evident when religion flourishes; on the contrary, it becomes even more scarce. Giving people what they want does not spread the Truth, but makes it even harder to find.

When the Truth is presented in its raw power, many will cry out, their eyes blinded by its brilliance. But at least Truth will have a place among men, no longer smothered and suffocated behind the robes and rituals of sweet talking preachers. Truth is a concentrate, a deadly solid; if we try to dilute it down to suit the common taste we simply wash it down the drain. To enjoy Truth, one requires teeth.

Truth cannot and will not change to suit the needs of the ignorant masses, despite our efforts to adapt it. The Truth does not need to pander to the world for its survival. It is we the people who need to start bowing down respectfully to the supremacy of Truth. It is the hundred thousand foolish gurus who need to start opening their eyes. They mistake the vehicle of the Truth for the Truth itself and cling to it with all their might, even making their home of it. But this vehicle is expendable, and in most cases is expended, while the Truth can never be touched.