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Poison for the Heart



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The difference between submitting and submitting the ego

Once in a while Nature proffers us a kiss. It might happen on a vast plain, or in a towering forest, or on a beach at sunset, with the stars turning on overhead and the waves crashing against the shore. As if for the first time, we see the splendour of Nature, its wonder, magnificence, and infinite complexity. Overawed by the sheer power and scale, we perceive our own insignificance. We collapse, thankfully, under its weight, following the age-old dictum: if you can't beat them, join them.

This particular submission is empowering, as Nature is a powerful thing. We are temporarily relieved of our insufficiency through an emptying out and a subsequent refilling to the brim. The resultant joy is described as coming from "within", conveniently ignoring the fact that Nature fast becomes a drug, which one grows to depend on, and suffer for, as we would with any drug. Such peace comes from without, and is as fleeting and unstable as all such peace can be.