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Stages of the Way

I am reticent to discuss "stages of the way", for I know how easily categories become insurmountable barriers.

Furthermore, I am reticent to devise new words and categories to describe these stages. I am not the first to attempt to set out the graduated path to enlightenment, so ample words are already available. Unfortunately, those words have become soiled through gross misinterpretation and misuse. If I now try to use those same words, but with their original and intended meaning, rather than the popular or traditional meaning, then I will be battling against the unyielding preconceptions of millions. Even so, it is better to understand the words we already have than to create new ones, which inevitably meet the same fate as the old, adding further to the jumble of superfluous noises confusing mankind.

While I have chosen to borrow some words and concepts from Buddhism, it is not to be taken that I associate myself in any way with traditional Buddhism. The meaning I hope to convey by the use of these words and concepts is presented in its own right, and is unrelated to anything that passes for Buddhism today. I doubt if a single living Buddhist would understand the true meaning of what follows, despite their possible familiarity with the words. For this reason, I ask you to ignore all you have heard before, and judge this as it stands.

No doubt Buddhists have an understanding, but "an understanding" is far from being a correct understanding. And quite honestly, no understanding at all is better than an incorrect understanding where God is concerned.