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Poison for the Heart



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Science / Philosophy


The scholastic heart loves categories because they keep things at a safe distance - the distance of the intellect.

Scientistis believe that truth can be arrived at by pursuing the scientific method - at least, as close to truth as it is possible to get. Similarly, theologians stubbornly await the newest piece of theological brilliance which finally reveals and proves their God once and for all. Both parties believe they are getting incrementally closer to their goal. Unfortunately, all their efforts only serve to remove them even further from the truth, because they are isolating themselves from the only course of abstract thought that can destroy thought.

Scholars cut things up into smaller and smaller pieces, but are unable to fit them back together again. They are discerning in their dissection, yet blind to the world around them. Their mental dexterity renders them able to see causes and effects, but unable to see the body of cause and effect - Nature. Trapped within a complex of categories, they see little of worth, and go in circles. This led Schopenhauer to say:

"The scientific, literary, and artistic spirit of the age make a declaration of bankruptcy about every thirty years. During such period, the recurring errors have so increased, that they collapse under the weight of their own absurdity. There often follows now an error in the opposite direction.