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Poison for the Heart



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Satisfaction seeking follows a cyclic pattern. Thought moves endlessly between the intellect and the emotions, not only in individuals, but also on the scale of whole societies.

Some people are in a stage of fearing free thought; these are the fundamentalists of any society. They tend towards the preaching of hell-fire, punishment, and the like; though it is not a requirement to be religious to fall into this category. Everything with them is black and white.

The remainder of people cannot live with the obvious lies associated with simple and clear-cut values. These freethinkers, semi-intellectuals all of them, dangle their feet in the waters of thought, though fail to find answers. They preach "everyone is saved" and "all are equal" This attitude gives a taste of freedom, though its fogginess soon becomes boring. You see, when right and wrong are unclear it is difficult to boost one's self-esteem: the world quickly becomes a dull and confusing place. At this testing time, people often return to the simplicity of the fundamentalist approach.

The fundamentalist and the freethinker are equally hateful of truth in their different ways. The fundamentalist ignores the fact that values are purely self created, while the freethinker ignores the fact that opposing ideas are not compatible.