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Poison for the Heart



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Q: You say that Truth is life, but when I look at you . . . you are a young man, yet your head is balding and your hair is turning grey. It seems to me you are dying an early death, and have not seen much of happiness.

A: Granted, my happiness is different to yours. Mine is a future happiness.

Q: The way you are going, you haven't got much of a future!

A: Neither the future nor anything else stops with my death. My future happiness is as safe as the future itself. And the future is as safe as the past.

Q: I don't understand why you work towards a future happiness, when happiness is available to us this very day.

A: My happiness is more different than you think. While your happiness is the cause of suffering, and your suffering the cause of happiness, my happiness, and my future, is beyond both happiness and suffering. My future is the wreckless, extravagant and ruthless joy of Nature Herself; a timeless romp across Universes; the creation and destruction of gods and men; playing with the sands of time. It is the joy . . . the joy that I couldn't be born, even if I wanted to.