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Poison for the Heart



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Widely Read

If a person is widely read, it is nearly always because he refuses to think for himself. He reads to keep knowledge at the distance of his intellect, and at the distance of the book in his hand, where knowledge is impersonal and objective, and at which distance he deems himself safe. He never becomes an individual, and his words are never his own, but borrowed.



No matter how many people there are in this crowded world, the individual person never becomes insignificant: he never comes into existence! Thus he is forever fulfilled and omnipotent, creating everything out of nothing.



The believer doesn't believe himself worthy or capable of deciding what is true or false for himself, so he believes in what he reads, or in what he is told.

His hypocrisy lies in his having still decided something for himself, in having decided which authority to believe in. He doesn't want to be an individual, but cannot avoid being so. Thus he turns his back on himself, on truth, and on God.