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Q: All religious traditions emphasize the importance of faith, yet you reject it! Please explain yourself.

A: I reject only blind faith. Blind faith is when you believe something without having established certainty of its truth. In contrast, true faith is when you believe in something you know with certainty to be true.

Q: But if you are certain of a truth, then surely you don't require faith in it?

A: We don't like to believe in the products of reason - one requires faith in reason.

Q: That sounds reasonable enough, but you are rejecting all religious traditions! Surely scriptural authority and the instructions of a genuine guru count for something? Are they not deserving of some faith?

A: As I have said, authority is not deserving of any faith, unless you know with certainty what the authority says is true. That is, it is good to have faith in a genuine authority, though to be able to judge the genuineness of an authority one must first have certainty about what is true and false.