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Poison for the Heart



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To enlightenment

You must commit yourself to your task as a fish commits itself to water. Thirst for God as much as a dying man thirsts for life. Long for enlightenment as much as a drowning man longs for a breath of air. If you don't strongly determine to get up in the morning, you remain asleep. Similarly, if you don't determine to break the cycle of attachment, it will continue forever. You must will to die to the world. If you are uncertain whether to be truthful or not, how can you possibly live in truth?

Forget your letting-go and giving-in and expanding your consciousness. If anything, enlightenment is a becoming. The experience is like that of a drop in the ocean, who lets the ocean in.

You must uncover the true mind you were born with. When you were born, you had an unborn pure mind, and knew things without effort. You knew well enough whether a thing was hot or cold. The unborn pure mind is like a bright mirror. When anything is placed in front of it, its shape has to be reflected, even though the mirror has no intention to reflect it. And when that object is taken away, the mirror does not reflect it, even though it does not decide to cease reflecting it. This is the vital nature of your true mind, and is the basis of enlightenment. So I tell you, understand "unborn" and make it your life.