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Poison for the Heart



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Cause and effect

Did we begin ?

A scientist said recently that the soul comes into existence when the mother accepts the child. A Tibetan lama has said that the life essence passes from the father into the mother, before conception. Personally, I believe it all begins with the sparkle in someone's eye.

So when does life begin? Who is right and who is wrong?

The whole question of a woman's right to abort a pregnancy, and whether it constitutes murder, revolves around the problem of when life actually begins: that is, the definition of life. Does it begin at conception, or at birth, or at some time between conception and birth, or even before conception? Is it possible that some of us never actually meet the criteria for "life"? Then again, are we assuming too much in supposing that life can come into existence at all!

Most of us believe in our self-existence and therefore that our life must have begun at some point in time; and this point in time is the whole point! For despite our frantic efforts to ascertain the exact moment of our grand coming into existence, we are doomed to failure as is the cat who tries to catch his own tail.