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Ringkobing Fjord, west Jutland (his father's curse)

A Note

These papers are arranged chronologically. For instance, X1 A 587 means 587th entry in section A of the first book of the tenth volume.

If you need to search for themes, use the search engine provided on the main contents page.

It is interesting to see how Kierkegaard's ideas actually developed interactively as a whole, over time, inseparable from his deep life-concern to present Christianity truthfully. This is the main reason why I have decided not to present them in strict thematic or alphabetic order.

Brought to you by cause and effect      


May 5Søren Aabye Kierkegaard born at Nytorv 2 (now 27), Copenhagen, son of Michael Pedersen Kierkegaard and Ane Sørensdatter Lund Kierkegaard.
June 3Baptized in Vor Frue Kirke congregation (meeting in Helliggeist Kirke) in Copenhagen.


 Enrolled in Borgerdydskolen in Copenhagen.


April 20Confirmed in Vor Frue Kirke congregation (meeting in Trinitatis Kirke) by Pastor J. P. Mynster (later Bishop of Sjælland).


Oct. 30Registered as student at University of Copenhagen.
Nov. 1Drafted into Royal Guard, Company 7.
Nov. 4Discharged as unfit for service.


April 25Finishes first part of second examination (Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and history, magna cum laude; mathematics, summa cum laude).
Oct. 27Completes second part of second examination (philosophy, physics, and mathematics, summa cum laude).


April 15Entry 1 A 1 of journals and papers.
July 31Mother dies.


 Summer in north Sjælland.


BetweenMay 8 and May 12   On a visit to the Rørdams in Frederiksberg meets Regine Olsen for the first time (see II A 67, 68).
AutumnBegins teaching Latin for a term in Borgerdydskolen.
Sept. 1Moves from home to Løvstræde 7.


 "The Battle between the Old and the New Soap-Cellars" (a philosophical comedy drafted but not completed or published; see Pap. II B 1-21).
May 19About 10:30A.M. S.K.'s entry concerning "an indescribable joy" (see II A 228).
Aug. 8/9Father dies, 2:00A.M.
Aug. 14Father buried in family plot in Assistents Cemetery.
Sept. 7Publication of From the Papers of One Still Living, published against his will by S. Kierkegaard. (About H. C. Andersen as a novelist, with special reference to his latest work, Only a Fidler.)


Feb. 1Census list gives address as Kultorvet 132 (now 11).
Apr./Oct.Moves to Nørregade 230A (now 38).
June 2Presents his request for examination to theological faculty.
July 3Completes examination for degree (magna com laude).
July 19-Aug. 6Journey to ancestral home in Jutland.
Sept. 8Proposes to Regine Olsen.
Sept. 10Becomes engaged to Regine.
Oct. 8First number of Corsaren (The Corsair) published by M. Goldschmidt.
Nov. 17Enters the Pastoral Seminary.


Jan. 12Preaches sermon in Holmens Kirke (see II C 1).
July 16Dissertation for the Magister degree, The Concept of Irony, with Constant Reference to Socrates, accepted.
Aug. 11Returns Regine Olsen's engagement ring.
Sept. 16Dissertation printed.
Sept. 2810A.M.-2:00P.M., 4:00P.M.-7:30P.M. Defends his dissertation. (In 1854 Magister degrees came to be regarded and named officially as doctoral degrees such as they are now.)
Oct. 11Engagement with Regine Olsen broken.
Oct. 25Leaves Copenhagen for Berlin, where he attends Schelling's lectures.


March 6Returns to Copenhagen.
Nov. 11S.K.'s brother Peter Christian Kierkegaard ordained.
Johannes Climacus, or De omnibus dubitandum est begun but not completed or published.


Feb. 20Either/Or, edited by Victor Eremita, published.
May 8Leaves for short visit to Berlin.
May 16Two Upbuilding [Edifying] Discourses, by S. Kierkegaard, published.
JulyLearns of Regine's engagement to Johan Frederik Schlegel.
Oct. 16Repetition, by Constantin Constantius; Fear and Trembling, by Johannes de Silentio; and Three Upbuilding [Edifying] Discourses, by S. Kierkegaard, published.
Dec. 6Four Upbuilding [Edifying] Discourses, by S. Kierkegaaard, published.


Feb. 24Preaches terminal sermon in Trinitatis Kirke.
March 5Two Upbuilding [Edifying] Discourses, by S. Kierkegaard, published.
June 8Three Upbuilding [Edifying] Discourses, by S. Kierkegaard, published.
June 13Philosophical Fragments, by Johannes Climacus, published.
June 17The Concept of Anxiety [Dread], by Vigilius Haufniensis; and Prefaces, by Nicolaus Notabene, published.
Aug. 31Four Upbuilding [Edifying] Discourses, by S. Kierkegaard, published.
Oct. 16Moves from Nørregade 230A (now 38) to house at Nytorv 2, Copenhagen.


April 29Three Discourses on Imagined Occasions, by S. Kierkegaard, published.
April 30Stages on Life's Way, edited by Hilarius Bookbinder, published.
May 13-24Journey to Berlin.
May 29Eighteen Upbuilding [Edifying] Discourses (from 1842-43), by S. Kierkegaard, published.
Dec. 27Article "The Activity of a Travelling Esthetician...," containing references to P. L. Møller and The Corsair, by Frater Taciturnus, published in Fædrelandet [The Fatherland].


Jan. 2First attack on S.K. in The Corsair.
Jan. 10S. K.'s reply by Frater Taciturnus in Fædrelandet.
Feb. 7Considers qualifying himself for ordination (VII1 A 4).
Feb. 27Concluding Unscientific Postscript, by Johannes Climacus, published.
Mar. 9"Report" (The Corsair) begun in first NB Journal (VII1 A 98).
Mar. 30Two Ages: the Age of Revolution and the Present Age. A Literary Review [The Present Age is part of this work], by S. Kierkegaaard, published.
May 2-16Visit to Berlin.
June 12Acquires Magister A. P. Adler's books: Studier og Exempler, Forsøg til en kort systematisk Fremstilling af Christendommen i dens Logik, and Theologiske Studier.
Oct. 2Goldschmidt resigns as editor of The Corsair.
Oct. 7Goldschmidt travels to Germany and Italy.


Jan. 24S. K. writes: "God be praised that I was subjected to the attack of the rabble. I have no had time to arrive at the conviction that it was a melancholy thought to want to live in a vicarage, doing penance in an out-of-the-way place, forgotten. I now have made up my mind quite otherwise" (VII1 A 229).
 Date of preface to The Book on Adler [On Authority and Revelation], not published; ms. in Papirer (VII2 B 235-70; VII2 B 1-27).
 Drafts of lectures on communication (VIII2 B 79-89), not published or delivered.
Mar. 13Upbuilding discourses in Various Spirits, by S. Kierkegaaard, published.
Sept. 29Works of Love, by S. Kierkegaard, published.
Nov. 3Regine Olsen marries Johan Frederik Schlegel.
Dec. 24Sells house on Nytorv.


Jan. 28Leases apartment at Tornebuskegade and Rosenborggade 156A (now 7) for April occupancy.
April 19S.K. notes: "My whole nature is changed. My concealment and inclosing reserve are broken — I am free to speak" (VIII1 A 640).
April 24"No, no, my inclosing reserve still cannot be broken, at least not now" (VIII1 A 645)
April 26Christian Discourses, by S. Kierkegaaard, published.
July 24/27The Crisis and a Crisis in the life of an Actress, by Inter et Inter, published.
Aug.Notes that his health is poor and is convinced that he will die (IX A 216).
Reflections on direct and indirect communication (IX A 218, 221-24).
Sept. 1Preaches in Vor Frue Kirke (IX A 266-69, 272).
Nov.The Point of View of My Work as an Author "as good as finished" (IX A 293); published posthumously in 1859 by S.K.'s brother, Peter Christian Kierkegaard.
"Armed Neutrality", by S.Kierkegaaard, "written toward the end of 1848 and the beginning of 1849" (X5 B 105-10) but not published.


May 14Second edition of Either/Or; and The Lily of the Field and the Bird of the Air, by S.Kierkegaard, published.
May 19Two Minor Ethical-Religious Essays, by H.H., published.
June 25-26Councillor Olsen (Regine's father) dies.
July 30The Sickness unto Death, by Anti-Climacus, published.
Nov. 13Three Discourses at the Communion on Fridays, by S. Kierkegaard, published.


April 18Moves to Nørregade 43 (now 35), Copenhagen.
Sept. 27Practice [Training] in Christianity, by Anti-Climacus, published.
Dec. 20An Upbuilding [Edifying] Discourse, by S. Kierkegaard, published.


 Veiviser (directory) listing for 1851: Øerbro 108A (torn down).
Jan. 31"An Open Letter ... Dr. Rudelbach," by S. Kierkegaard, published.
Aug. 7On My Work as an Author; and Two Discourses at the Communion on Fridays, by S. Kierkegaard, published.
Sept. 10For Self-Examination, by S. Kierkegaard, published.


 Judge for Yourselves!, by S. Kierkegaard, written. Published posthumously, 1876.
Veiviser listing for 1852-55: Klædeboderne 5-6 (now Skindergade 38).


Jan. 31Bishop Mynster dies.
April 15H. Martensen named Bishop.
Dec. 18S. K. begins polemic against Bishop Martensen in Fædrelandet.


Jan.-MayPolemic continues.
May 24This Must Be Said; So Let It Now Be Said, by S. Kierkegaard, advertised as published.
First number of The Moment.
June 16Christ's Judgment on Official Christianity, by S. Kierkegaard, published.
Sept. 3The Unchangeableness of God. A Discourse, by S. Kierkegaard, published.
Sept. 25Ninth and last number of The Moment published; number 10 published posthumously. S.K. writes his last journal entry (XI2 A 439).
Oct. 2Enters Frederiks Hospital.
Nov. 11Dies.
Nov. 18Is buried in Assistents Cemetery, Copenhagen.


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