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The Dedication to Regine Schlegel, if there can be such a thing during my lifetime, could very well be used in the front of a small collection of Friday-discourses but properly belongs to the writings on my work as an author. Inasmuch as I appear so decisively in the character of the religious, which I have wanted from the very beginning, at this moment she is the only important one, since my relationship to her is a God-relationship.

The dedication could read:

To R.S. — with this little book is dedicated an authorship, which to some extent belongs to her, by one who belongs completely to her.

Or with a collection of Friday-discourses: this little book is dedicated to R.S.


To a contemporary,

whose name must still be
concealed, but history will
name — for a short time or long —
as long as it names my name
                     is dedicated
                             with this little book
the whole of the authorship, as it
was from the very beginning.






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