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[Manuscript of Bogen om Adler (title of English translation, Authority and Revelation).]


[Markings in books by A. P. Adler, sketch and drafts of Bogen om Adler, alterations in manuscript.]


Literary Review
Magister Adler
A Psychological Study from Nature
That Is, Based on His Writings
S. Kierkegaard


Preface ...
Copenhagen     January, 1847


Writing Sampler

Apprentice Test Pieces
[changed to: Godthaab]
Prospective Author

N.B. The book must be done up with all possible elegance: a border around every page (as in Urania), each section with a distinctive type, ornamental and clamorous initial letters — in short, everything à la catchpenny books. Some letters in red (as in old books), others in green, blue, etc., so that the book might appeal to the public and thoroughly have the appearances of a sampler, corresponding to the motto: "Delightful ribbons, gold, green, and blue."

N.B. Perhaps it could come out in serial form and be offered in advance as a suitable New Year's gift ...

Preface ....
No. 1
The Theater ...
No. 2
Literature ...
No. 3
No. 4
Criticism and Taste ...
No. 5
News ...
No. 6
Morals ...
No. 7
Arrival of Swedish Students ...
No. 8
Society of Watchmen ...





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