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Motion according to Aristotle

in the diversity of the categories is as follows:

in substance
in quantity
in quality
in relation

See Trendelenburg's two treatises on the doctrine of categories, p.188.
See p. 163
See pp. 136-137
See p. 99

All this is related to my thesis which is to be found among my logical
theses: the difference between a dialectical and a pathos-filled transition.

Aristotle says that is the quality in consequence of which change is possible

What I have profited from Trendelenburg is unbelievable; now I have the apparatus for what I had thought out years before.

In this book by Trendelenburg there is an index which is excellent.

February, 1847


[Set of Abraham a St. Clara, Sämmtliche Werke, I-XXI (Passau, Lindau: 1835-47), ASKB 294-311, with corners folded, sidelining, and underlining by Kierkegaard.]



[Copy of Nye Testament (Copenhagen: 1820) with folded corners, underlining, and marginal notes by Kierkegaard.]




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