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2 [1840-41]


Its significance. Probably it is irrelevant to the dissertation but it is a necessary factor in the personality.

See EE, p. 18 [i.e., II A 432].

I have worked on this dissertation with fear and trembling lest my dialectic swallow too much....


I must include hypochondria in "Either/Or" in order to characterize the isolated elements in isolated subjectivity. This I should like to do in "Either/Or" — and then mediate in B's papers in part two.


[Final draft of "Ancient Tragedy as Reflected in the Modern," part of Either/Or, I.]


[Final draft of "The Seducer's Diary," concluding part of Either/Or, I.]


[The final draft of "The Immediate Stages of the Erotic or the Musical Erotic."]

June 13, 1842


[The final draft of "Silhouettes."]

July 25, 1842


[The final draft of the "Preface" by the editor, Victor Eremita.]

November, 1842





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