The aim of publishing these letters is to deconstruct irrational beliefs, using clear, simple reasoning.

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Friendship — With M—, Vinny Marino, David Quinn et al. PDF HTML
Faith in Reason — With "Getmethere1" (Youtube username) PDF HTML
Ultimate Reality — With Graham Wood PDF HTML
Rationality and the Sexes — With fans of Dave Sim's Cerebus comic-books PDF HTML
The Non-existence of a Personal, Eternal God — With Gerry Binder PDF HTML
Are Atheism and Love compatible? — With Th1sWasATriumph PDF HTML
Fake science — With Marco Tai PDF HTML
Logic — With Sean Gerety PDF HTML
Cause and effect — With rozeboosje PDF HTML
Why marry? — With TheImmanent PDF HTML
Is it possible to be absolutely certain and to know what is ultimately real? — With trick0171 PDF HTML